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Bellagio Conservatory

the seasons treasure
welcomes with fragrant cascades
floral hues enchant

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milking Betsy

his playful smile
squirting milk at the kittens
fingers chafe from the cold

Childhood memories of my uncle Hugo. He had such a playful personality and was always entertaining us, even as he milked old Betsy.

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water bursts in light
frothy skirts and liquid legs
blue eyes serenades

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playing house

two fair maidens
garlands of feathers and hay
swaddling kittens

Fond childhood memories of visiting my friend on her family’s farm. We would spend hours in their chicken coop, playing house and dressing up the new litter of kittens in doll clothes and trying to swaddle them in receiving blankets.

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winter mornings

engines purr
under chimneys breath
the day begins

Reminiscence of watching our neighbors warming up their cars on a cold winters morning. Although the world was frozen on the outside, the smoke from the chimneys was evidence that it was toasty warm inside, and I imagined oatmeal cooking, coffee brewing and families getting ready to start their day.

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winters play

wool covered noses
boots crunching squeaky snow
marshmallows melting

ReminiscenceĀ of winters play. Snow suits, stocking hats, boots and mittens, finished off with a wool scarf wrapped around our neck and pulled up over our noses. The distinct squeaky sound of snow crunching under our boots and the thought of moms homemade hot chocolateĀ topped with melted marshmallows waiting for us.

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dance of the snowflakes

under street lamps aura
whimsical snow flakes dance
a serene ballet

As a young child, I recall being absolutely mesmerized by watching the snowflakes fall under the aura of the street lamps at night. There was something quite magical about it.

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flour in our hair
men lined up with licorice smiles
icing everywhere

Memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom. It was an all day affair in which we all got to participate. The kitchen had flour everywhere. Even with our aprons we would still be covered from head to toe with flour and icing. We had the most fun decorating gingerbread men with colored icing, raisin buttons and licorice smiles.

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lazy morning tea
surfing under warm sherpa
the clock is silent

Love the weekend morning reprieves. No deadlines to adhere to, can take my time drinking my morning tea cuddled up under my heated sherpa throw surfing on my tablet.

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