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just another number

the last I heard

he was off the ventilator 

“so  far, so good”

I felt relieved

then the news came

he didn’t make it

my eyes welled with tears

I was physically shaken

I never even met him

he was related 

to a close family friend

the news was a stark reminder

of the darkness all around 

what was the number today?

35,879 in N.Y

316,378 in the U.S.

1,691,942 worldwide

each number has a story 

each number is someone we can’t get back

each number carries emptiness, pain and sadness

to the world

he is now just another number 

added to the growing tally

to his family

he was dad, husband, brother, uncle and friend 

he didn’t think it could happen to him

yet it came and took him without mercy

so many numbers

so much grief

I pray to make it through 

we are so close

too close to be 

just another number

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I feel betrayed and

mocked by my shortsightedness 

rosy never existed

our world

at war with an invisible foe

front line warriors essential

unmasked and exposed

desperate for a truce

March became sober

olympians became mortal

sin city dropped to its knees

the golden state taking the first sip

the apple was cored

the boot kicked closed its doors

our world united

by staying apart

yet another war brewing

zooming into our flaws

unmuting our souls

life choking us from all sides

we gasp for air

unable to breathe

we all need to breathe

yet here we are 

still trying to define all

i’m ready for this to be over

after all

hindsight is 2020

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Bellagio Conservatory

the seasons treasure
welcomes with fragrant cascades
floral hues enchant

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milking Betsy

his playful smile
squirting milk at the kittens
fingers chafe from the cold

Childhood memories of my uncle Hugo. He had such a playful personality and was always entertaining us, even as he milked old Betsy.

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water bursts in light
frothy skirts and liquid legs
blue eyes serenades

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the cafe had stellar reviews

followed directions on phone

a GLBTQ community center?

hmmm, unexpected

should we go in?

we’re vegetarian

what the heck, free parking

the vegan treats were scrumptious

we paid tribute to the wall of quilts

it was nice

we’ll be back

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neon museum


Neon Museum, Las Vega


Oh king of noble gas
great whiteness of the past
have you seen Elvis?

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random acts of being three

unloading groceries
chips fall to the groud
a three year old
a running leap
chips explode
mom speachless

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playing house

two fair maidens
garlands of feathers and hay
swaddling kittens

Fond childhood memories of visiting my friend on her family’s farm. We would spend hours in their chicken coop, playing house and dressing up the new litter of kittens in doll clothes and trying to swaddle them in receiving blankets.

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ode to cellulite

oh fair dimples on my thigh
is there no compromise
for this enticing christmas pie

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